the law


.......always ready and willing to assist clients with legal research even before the final product is agreed on so that together there are always mutual benefits to be derived......


......negotiating and closing each transaction for you to your satisfaction.......contract negotiations always require the know how in the particular area and this can definitely be accomplished here.......


......there is always a different perspective and the novel cutting edge approach that is offered will give clients the right option to choose from whenever needed to overcome any issue or to chart a new course......
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about the practice

mark beckford & co. is a legal practice located on the island of Grand Cayman in the Cayman Islands, one of the world’s largest offshore financial centres.   mark beckford & co. offers customised services and does not believe in the one size fits all approach. The practice specialises  mainly in a variety of offshore services/products and international finance amongst other related areas of law (see services in the menu bar  above).